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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much can I earn from privately renting my caravan?

    That is entirely dependent on how many weeks you rent the caravan out. Also what weeks you choose to rent the caravan out is equally important.You will earn more money if you allow the caravan to be rented for Bank Holidays, School Holidays and the Main Summer Holidays. Another important factor is to keep your prices competitive, keep them below the brochure prices. We are experts in the industry and we can help you with pricing. Please just call us for advice.
  • How will I get the bookings?

    UK Caravans and Lodges will carry out advertising in the media, such as newspaper, radio, websites, brochures and many other media related advertising to attract holidaymakers to this website. Once the holidaymaker is on our website and they choose your Caravan they will call you directly to make arrangements, confirm dates and pay monies directly to you.
  • Will I need a TV licence for my caravan?

    Yes, you will need a Television licence.
  • Will I have to pay Council Tax?

    Not if you are using your holiday home as it’s intended purpose, as a holiday home and you do have a permanent address within the UK.
  • How will I receive my money?

    You will arrange with the holidaymaker directly, how and when they are going to pay you. We can help with advice on this regarding what you do if they cancel. We can also advise what deposit you should take and also what time scale they have to pay in full.
  • Does my Caravan need safety tests?

    You must have a current gas certificate, electrical certificate and also PAT (portable electrical appliance) test completed on your caravan. Usually there are qualified engineers based at the park, where you can arrange the tests through the main reception, or alternatively a local engineer in the area. Again, we can give you some advice in this area

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